The Handbook For Living series is in development by Verna Lane

Handbook For Living will share with you the best expert tips on how to survive and thrive in life.

The first book in the series will be How To Feel Better In A Crazy World. Other books will focus on individual topics. Plus, an all-encompassing almanac called The Quintessential Playbook will ultimately follow.

Verna Lane is hard at work on a new book series. She's been collecting data for decades for this series. What kind of data? You name it! Anything and everything that might affect a person's success (or failure) in life.

Now, more than ever, life is so complicated that it feels like there are landmines (so to speak) that keep us from having a decent life.

And it's not our imagination. With rapidly expanding population, it really does boil down to the "fittest" getting all the spoils. And the rest of people just get what comes to them... which is not much these days.

Making a wrong choice as we journey through life can cost us in big ways. The book series aims to reduce those errors by giving you some insight *before* you make a wrong choice.

It's often been said that "life doesn't come with a manual"! But the author aims to change that!

Updates will be posted here on this website. Stay tuned!

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